Poker Game Download

This Draw Poker game is distributed in .ZIP file format. The .ZIP file contains the Poker game (POKER.EXE). A help file has not been written. Unzip the file into an empty directory or one which already exists and contains other files (such as your Entertainment Pack directory, often C:\WEP).

System Requirements:

The game has been developed and run on Windows NT 3.51. However, it is expected to work on Windows 95 and on Windows NT versions 4.0 and above. The image is built for I386; I do not have a version available for Alpha or Macintosh.

The .ZIP file itself is 58K. The expanded files will require 200K bytes of disk space.

How to Install and Run:

The editor may be invoked from the command line: You can also create a Program Manager icon or a shortcut.

PLAY:When the first hand is dealt, click on a card to mark a card for keeping. If the card is already marked, it will be released. You must click on a card, not just inside the "box". You can also press the 1-5 keys to mark or unmark the cards. Double click (or press ENTER) away from the cards to draw cards to replace the cards not marked for keeping. Your hand is then scored; press ENTER or double click to deal a new hand.


Good luck and enjoy!

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