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The Chip's Challenge editor is distributed in .ZIP file format. The .ZIP file contains the Chip's Challenge editor (CHIPEDIT.EXE) as well as a reasonably complete help file (CHIPEDIT.HLP). Unzip all files into the same directory, which may be an empty directory or one which already exists and contains other files (such as your Entertainment Pack directory, often C:\WEP). You do need an UNZIP utility; the editor is not a self-extracting ZIP.

System Requirements:

The editor was originally developed and run on Windows NT 3.51; v2.01-v3.12 on NT 4.0; v3.23 and up on MSVC 6.0 and/or Windows 2000.

People have reported success with earlier versions on Windows 95. The editor is PROBABLY NOT usable on Windows 3.1.

The last version which can be used on Windows 3.1 is still available. You must have Win32s installed to use the editor on Windows 3.1. Some features, such as Playtest, do not work at all for me; however, some people have reported success with even these features.

The .ZIP file itself is 158K. The expanded files will require 463K bytes of disk space.

How to Install and Run:

The editor may be invoked from the command line: A filename may be specified: You can also create a Program Manager icon or a shortcut. In order to find the help file, the working directory should be set to the directory in which the files were unzipped.

The program should be able to write to the working directory. An .INI file recording your state (file you are editting, current level, options) will be written when you exit.

It is recommended that you back up your original CHIPS.DAT file before making changes to it!

Please write! (john.elion at

I am interested in both comments and the levels people design. I will reply to most mail.

WARNING: Please make a backup copy of your CHIPS.DAT and CHIPS.EXE files. I cannot send copies of these files to users who inadvertently deleted them.
Restricted Use Legend

The editor software is free for your personal use. You need not register it; you need not send $15 (though I certainly won't stop you!)

You may give copies of the editor software away, without charge, to as many people as you like.

You may not sell the editor software in any form, including via web distribution or on floppy disk or CD. This includes "giving" software away on media such as disks or CD for which there is a "copy charge", "service fee", or other "media charge".

You may provide links to the editor page, and if you tell me I will let you know when the link moves. I ask that you do not include the zip file or the editor software itself on your own web site.


Current release: Version 3.56 - March 1, 2004 (Win 2000/NT4/95/98)


Previous release: Version 3.51 - January 19, 2002


Last release built for Windows 3.1: Version 3.11 - June 22, 1998
Good luck and enjoy!

NOTE: Chip's Challenge is copyrighted software sold as part of "Windows Entertainment Pack #4" ; it is also included in one of the "Best of Windows Entertainment Packs". Check the box carefully; the title "Chip's Challenge" is clearly listed on the back of the box. Online please try . Search for "Entertainment Pack"

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